Buckwheat Express – Preston County, WV


Buckwheat Express is accessible to persons with disabilities. Our buses and vans are equipped with wheelchair lifts or ramps that enable persons in wheelchairs or persons who cannot navigates steps to ride the bus. Operators are trained to assist riders use lifts and ramps, secure wheelchairs, provide information on destinations served, and announce stops, including any stop you request.

Priority seating for seniors and individuals with disabilities in the front of the bus and vans is available.

You may travel with your respirator, concentrator, and portable oxygen. Service animals are welcome onboard buses and vans in our facilities. (They must be kept under the control of the passenger.) Public information is available in alternative accessible formats upon request. To request information in an alternative format, please contact us at 304-329-0464 or rider@buckwheatexpress.com

Reasonable Modification Policy

Passengers with disabilities may request modifications current service procedures to access the service. To make a request, please call us at (304) 329-0464 or email us at rider@buckwheatexpress.com. Please submit requests at least the day before the trip. Please keep in mind that some modifications may require more than one day to complete. Buckwheat Express will not charge additional fees for passengers requiring reasonable modifications.

Service Animals Welcome

Animals specifically trained to perform a task for an individual with a disability under ADA Guidelines are welcome onboard Buckwheat Express buses and vans, as well as in our facilities. Emotional support animals, comfort animals, therapy dogs, and other wild or domestic animal species are not service animals. A doctor’s note does not make an animal a certified guide dog or service dog. For the safety of all passengers, please respect this distinction.

ADA service animals welcome aboard Buckwheat Express include certified:

– Guide Dog or Seeing Eye® Dog for the blind and visually impaired
– Hearing or Signal Dog for the deaf and those with significant hearing loss
– Psychiatric Service Dog for those with psychiatric disabilities affecting personal safety
– SSigDOG for those with Autism
– Seizure Response Dog for alerting, protecting, and assisting individuals with seizure disorders

If you are an individual with a recognized disability and use an animal who has been specifically and individually trained to do work or perform tasks on your behalf and require a reasonable accommodation, please contact Buckwheat Express for assistance: (304) 329-0464.

ADA Complaints

If you have a complaint about the accessibility of our transit system or service or believe you have been discriminated against because of your disability, you can file a complaint. Please contact Janie Lou White by phone/TDD at 304-329-0464 or rider@buckwheatexpress.com immediately. If you are unable to file a written complaint or require assistance to file a complaint, we will assist you. Additional information about how to file a complaint is available for your convenience.